No Shave November {Self Directed Programs}

I mustache you a question: Are you ready for No Shave November?

Last year’s display and quiz were so popular that I had to do it again with my teens! Like last year, I set up a display with the mustaches on the book covers and the mustache bookmarks. I even have the Mustache tote bag to give away again to one lucky teen.


“How can a teen win this awesome bag?” you ask. By taking our Famous Beards quiz, of course! (Last year, we did Famous Mustaches.) We encourage the teens to fill out the Famous Beard quiz, add their contact info, turn the quiz in for candy, and then I choose one lucky winner at the end of the month. Oh! And I include each survey as a stat for my attendance report.  Obvs.

I have my Famous Beard quiz, pictures, and signage available in Dropbox here! Please help yourselves for your libraries!

Happy Saturday…



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