Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cups. Yum!

Have I mentioned yet that I’m currently pregnant?  If not, I’m currently pregnant!  Over the past six months, I’ve had some interesting cravings (Thousand Island dressing the whole first trimester!).  Lately, I can’t get enough eggs.  I eat them for breakfast and as a midnight snack.  With that being said, you will never know the kind of happiness I experienced when I came across Martha Stewart’s Bacon, Egg, and Toast Cup recipe on Pinterest this past Thursday.  As soon as I saw those yummy looking egg cups, I wanted them in my belly!  Luckily, I’m off today and decided to wake up and surprise Dave with these fabulous looking cups of egg joy.

First, I gathered all of my ingredients…

…Next came the rolling and cookie cutter cutting of the bread.  I do not own a rolling pin or a cookie cutter (some might say that I’m domestically challenged!), but luckily I know how to improvise…

Wham and Bam!

…After that, I layered the bread into the buttered muffin cup thingies…

… Followed by a yummy slice of bacon…

… And lastly the eggs (salt and peppered)…

There was a mild panic attack involved when our stove stopped working (!!!!!)…

… But luckily Dave was around to fix it…

Five minutes later, we had our finished product…

These little bacon, egg, and toast cups were AH-MAZING!  Dave and I both agree that they tasted like an Egg McMuffin and we scarfed all six down in record time.

You know what I love about Pinterest?  Not only am I becoming more in touch with my crafty side, but I’m also getting a whole new appreciation for cooking.  It only took 29 years!  I rate this Pin an Epic Success!  Check out Martha Stewart’s website for the complete recipe.)



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