Fabric Wreath with Felt Flowers

I had to work at the ol’ library on Saturday, but since it was a quiet day, I decided to try my hand at two pins I was eyeing up: idlewife’s fabric scrap wreath and little things bring smiles’ felt flowers.

I brought my metal hanger from home, grabbed my pinking shears, rummaged through our department’s fabric surplus, and got to cutting for the fabric scrap wreath

(bag o’ fabric)

After that, I followed little things brings smiles’ tutorial for felt flowers.  The three white flowers were made with her 6B instructions.  I made the red flower by cutting a larger circle out with pinking shears and then following the 6B instructions. 

(felt flowers)

Later that night, I assembled my wreath.  I have to admit… I’m pretty happy with the results:

(hmmmm… the flowers are a little blown out in this picture, but I swear they’re beautiful in real life.  I’ll have to start using my real camera to take pictures and not my phone.)

I would rate this Pin and this Pin an Epic Success!  Woot!

Come back soon for even more pins turned reality and in the meantime, please feel free to follow me on Pinterest.



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