I made a pretty rope bracelet

I’ve seen several pins for {sew.craft.create.} tutorials on Pinterest over the last few days, but just came across {sew.craft.create.}’s Rope Bracelet Tutorial last night.  I loved what I saw so much, that I immediately got to working on one for me as soon as I woke up this morning.

I didn’t have an awesome looking button… but I do have an old (and fabulous) pin that once belonged to my great grandmother.  Also, I didn’t have any fabric that matched the pin, so I pulled out an old t-shirt and got to repurposing.

I cut up the bottom part of my t-shirt:

… And got to following {sew.craft.create.}’s tutorial! (Seriously though.  I took pictures of all of my steps, but Heidi’s tutorial is so easy to follow.  Definitely check out her site for step by step instructions.)

First I cut out my 3 inch strip that will go around my wrist.  Then I cut out four additional 1 inch strips…

…Next, I cut three slits every half inch down my 3 inch wrist strip…

…Then I staggered my four 1 inch strips behind the wrist strip and sewed them on…

…After the strips are sewed on, we begin the fun part.  Row one…

…Row two…

…Row three…

…Row four…

…I then trimmed the ends and sewed them up…

…Folded each edge down a 1/4 of an inch and hand stitched…

…And finally (because I was using an older pin and not sewing on a button) I stitched my bracelet together at the ends…

I think my great grandmother’s pin was the perfect touch to this rope bracelet:

I am extremely happy with how my rope bracelet turned out.  This was a super easy project to do and the result is a fabulous funky bracelet.  Thanks again to Heidi from {sew.craft.create.} for her tutorial.  I rate this Pin an Epic Success and can’t wait to make even more rope bracelets!

Happy crafting!


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3 Responses to “I made a pretty rope bracelet”

  1. 1 Virginia G February 18, 2012 at 10:52 am

    This is really nice. I will make one for my 16 year old granddaughter. Then I will show her how to make more! Thanks!

  2. 3 teresa May 12, 2012 at 9:40 am

    wow!!! your bracelet really turned out cute!! i love it, the pin is perfect!!

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